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Where Cooking is an Art,

All Guests are Royalty.

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Masterchef Gino Martens Salardi












Going Beyond Your Expectations!
Taste of Love
That is the foundation for
Gino’s Cara©
Private Master Chef and Special Dinner Events

Who else wants to dine like
a King or Queen?

Imagine yourself seated at an elegant table among Dukes, Ambassadors, Princesses, Presidents and International Celebrities.

The meal you are about to enjoy has been created and prepared by a renowned international Private & Personal Master Chef who for twenty nine years has worked in the finest hotels and restaurants all over the world. Including Europe, South Africa, Fair East, Russia and USA.

You savor classic mouth-watering exquisite dishes. A unique international fusion cuisine blending the finest recipes of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Every dish is prepared from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

The service impeccable.
And when the meal is done, you realize that despite your high expectations, the chef has exceeded them!

Well now this experience is available to you right here in the Washington DC Area

Gino Martens-Salardi, the amazing Private Master Chef and all-round Hotelier who has catered over 200,000 special events, who has cater over 2 million satisfied guests including Royalties, Presidents and Celebrities across the globe, is here.

At Gino’s Cara.

Taste of Love

It’s Always Going Beyond Your Expectations.

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Private Master Chef

Special Dinner Events, Cooking Demonstrations, Cooking Classes, Fine European Pastries, Event Planner, Team Builder, Consultant,
Teacher & Author

Now serving in Washington DC Area
Gino's Taste of Love

Our Mission is to proudly prepare all of our dishes from scratch with the freshest ingredients. We will serve your meals without adding salt believing fresh herbs and spices are the optimal way to get the best flavors. All of our freshly made desserts are prepared without added sugars, substituting with fresh vanilla bean or raw honey instead. Ask for handmade specialties such as Irish whole wheat soda bread,Dutch Old fasion fresh made Runder Kroketten en Bitterballen, Hollandse Bosche Bollen, Italian Tigelle Sandwiches and all homemade Italian Pastas included chocolate pasta.










Building stronger Communities

Gino's Cara is active in the the community:

Homeland Security & Public Services

24/7 Crisis Response Team


Literacy for children

CERT III first responder

KJ6ISZ HAM Operator


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