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Gino's Cara logo represents:
The Pineapple, the international sign for welcome & friendship
The Purple Bow, the globe where Gino has traveled, worked & lived
The name Gino's Cara represents Gino’s love, his passion for pampering his guests, his friends and his love ones.

Private Master Chef :

The meal you are about to enjoy has been created and prepared by a renowned international Private & Personal Master Chef who for twenty nine years has worked in the finest hotels and restaurants all over the world,including Netherlands, Ireland,Italy, Belgium, South Africa,Fair East, Russia and USA.

You savor classic mouth-watering exquisite dishes. A unique international fusion cuisine blending the finest recipes of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Every dish is prepared from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

The service impeccable.

And when the meal is done, you realize that despite your high expectations, the chef has exceeded them!

Gino's Cara Service:

Personal Chef: prepare all your family meals, starts from $300.00 per day plus cost of groceries, based on Gino's Cara meal prep membership.( prices based on one year membership)

Private Dinner Parties

Minimum 2 guests up to max. 20 guests, let up pamper you with private dinner party at your home. From start to finish so you dont have to do anything, just enjoy with your guests International cuisine in your own home.

Events & Party Planner: from 100 – up to 10.000 for all your planning include contact with venders and other services


Cooking Classes:
at your home with min of 6 max 12 persons.

Cooking demostrations: at your home watch Chef Gino how he make those amazing dishes fresh in front of you and your guests

Your Kids Birthday, a cooking class:

Give your child birthday party at the familiar surroundings of your own home and have a fun with healthy interactive baking/ cooking Junior Chef Program session with Chef Gino and your kids friends.

For all your special celebrations with fine European Pastries and Handmade European Chocolates & Truffles; birthday, wedding, anniversary, or just because celebrate life.


R& D and Corporate Team Building:

Research and Development, staff training, and office team building



Gino's Cara©

Celebrate a family event with

Gino's Cara © special theme dinners

Italian Night, Asian Night or Dutch Indonesian Rice table and many others

Also the place to get European Pastries, European Chocolates& Truffles and Special Occasion, Birthday and Wedding Cakes


Call Gino's Cara @ 805-743-6050


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For all your custom made jewelry, located at Northrigde Mall ( Next to Sears) call or email to make a appointment at  818-998-0118



Bubba Smith and Gino Martens Salardi
during Superbowl party 2009








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